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District Committee Member (DCM)

The DCM is the link between the district and the Western Washington Area #72 and the General Service Office (GSO). It is the DCM's responsibility to:
a) Lead the monthly GSR Meetings with the group's GSRs and other trusted servants of the district.
b) Inform all GSRs and committee members of all district, area, regional, and conference activities.
c) Insure that group and district needs are communicated to the area and beyond.
d) Attend all area quarterlies to discuss and define the agenda for area and beyond.
A more complete explanation of the DCM's responsibilities may be found in the A.A. Service Manual, pages S28 – S31

Alternate DCM:

The Alternate DCM acts in place of the DCM when the DCM is unable to perform his/her functions and to assist the DCM in the performance of their duties. The Alternate DCM also chairs the Budget Committee.

District Secretary:

The secretary is responsible for maintaining a written record of all district business and activities and communicating this record to all GSRs and committee members. The secretary is responsible for all written communication between the district and area except for those duties assigned to the registrar.

District Treasurer:

The treasurer is responsible for receiving, documenting, and disbursing of district funds. These revenues are most often generated from individual group contributions and are distributed as needed and as directed by district motion vote or at the discretion of the Budget Committee.

District Registrar:

The registrar is responsible for maintaining an accurate database of all groups, group numbers, GSRs, and district trusted servants and to forward this information to the area and GSO as required. Currently, the registrar produces and edits the District Newsletter.


The archivist is responsible to maintain a historical record of all district business as well as other collected historical memorabilia. This record includes, but is not limited to, past district GSR meeting minutes and financial reports, collected literature, newspaper articles, photographs, and event programs/flyers.

Budget Committee:

The budget committee consists of elected member and is chaired by the Alternate DCM. The committee is responsible to propose district budgets based on previous expenses and future needs as well as to audit the district treasury, literature locker, and committee expenditures. The Budget Committee meets quarterly to ensure that financial solvency is maintained. Voting members of this committee should not hold positions that are affected by budget line items.

Corrections Committee:

The corrections committee is responsible for working and corresponding with alcoholics who are in prison, jail, or other correctional facility. This committee coordinates the "Bridge the Gap" program to assist the alcoholic who is being released from a correctional facility to the A.A. groups in the community.

Grapevine/Literature Committee:

This committee is responsible to order, sell at GSO prices, and otherwise distribute A.A. approved literature to groups and individuals in need. The committee is responsible to communicate literature needs and suggestions from the groups to the district, area, and GSO.

Public Information (PI):

This committee is responsible to provide information and education to the non-alcoholic community. Public Information develops public service announcements, appears at schools and health fairs, communicates with the media to explain the working of Alcoholics Anonymous and the importance of anonymity, as well to assisting A.A. members when speaking publicly to the community about A.A.

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC):

This committee is basically educational in scope. Their purpose is to explain what A.A. is, and is not, to the professional community. Typically CPC works with doctors, nurses, dentists, counselors, treatment center workers, lawyers, police, judges, teachers, clergy, employee assistance programs, union leaders, etc.

Service Committee:

This committee is responsible for the upkeep of routine and regular administrative functions. These functions include the updating, publishing, and distribution of District #10 Meeting Schedules as required; the maintenance and updating of the District #10 speakers list; the maintenance of the 1-800 telephone information line and providing answering service personnel with accurate contact numbers and a list of upcoming events; addressing and providing solutions to any problems encountered with these agencies; and maintaining a current list of A.A. contacts

3rd Legacy/Workshop Committee:

Identifies, coordinates, and conducts A.A. related workshops as requested by the district and approved by the DCM and district committee.
Is an informed group of people responsible to provide support and information to all groups and committees in District 10. This committee will consist of a Chairperson with at least two years of district service and an Alternate Chairperson with the suggestion of at least one year of district service. The Third Legacy Committee can share information by making presentations and/or skits at group business meetings and holding workshops. Some possible workshop topics are new GSR orientation and preparation for the Area Assembly for GSRs. Possible skits include "The 12 Traditions Skit", as well as others.


The district committee members and committee chairpersons are elected from those persons who make themselves available for service for a period of two years. The DCM and alternate are elected at the district GSR meeting held in August of even numbered years. All other positions are elected at the GSR meeting held in October of the same year. Their term of service begins in January of the following year. It is strongly recommended that persons holding district committee positions not hold other service positions at the group, district, or area level.